AM Garden Show

This is a creative program conceived, designed, and produced by award winning and talented composer Alessio Miraglia.

Throughout his career, Alessio has been mindful of the intersections of the music that he has composed and performed, and its connection to various other creative disciplines, such as painting, and dance, and photography, to name a few.
Within each of these – AM garden adventures, we will explore those creative interactions, between music and other disciplines, and learn about how these exciting interactions, that have enriched the lives of musicians, and have enriched the lives of the creative artists, who are our featured guest


I am truly grateful to share this incredible achievement with you.
A very important National Award  in the USA.
An award that makes this program unique and above all a strong point for new music realities, songwriters, bands who want to share their original music by playing live.
We have given international visibility to incredible talents that I take the opportunity to thank because this award was given to their music that made this program …. amazing.
Thanks to ACMI TV which gave me the opportunity to make a vision alive and real … thanks to all the volunteers and professionals who worked in the AM Garden Show …
This award is ours!