International Honors and Awards

  1. Award-Winner, Best Musical ANIME DI VETRO 2008  with  “LA MAGNOLIA BIANCA”

  2. NOMINATION, Best “Musical-Opera rock” MARTE LIVE 2008 with “LA MAGNOLIA BIANCA”

  3. An animation music video clip  “Bambola di cera” with over 78000 views. (2012)

  4. Tour in Los Angeles (CA, U.S.A.) with Negrita and Subsonica.(2012)

  5. Award-Winner, with Follow the Mad, of prestigious international contest HIT WEEK 2012.

  6. Award-Winner of contests Rock Garden Magazine 2012 as  BEST LIVE SHOW.

  7. Award-winner “PIVI -DAILYMOTION 2012 – BEST VIDEO CLIP .

  8. 4 Tracks published on the most famous Italian compilations HIT MANIA  2011 and  HIT MANIA  special edition 2012. 

  9. The album “Lo Strano Circo dei Folli” released in 2012  reached number 15 in the  Italian National music rankings.

  10. National Tour  with the Orchestra Internazionale di Roma“. (2013)

  11. Awardwinner as  BEST LIVE SHOW 2013 by: ONSTAGE 

  12. The album “Violane” released in 2014  reached number 30 in the Itunes National Ranking.

  13. Award-Winner, with VIOLANE, of prestigious international contest HIT WEEK 2014.

  14. Played at the famous Whisky a Go Go live club with the popular Italian artist Caparezza. (2014)

  15. Co-working sounds track of the Big Movie by: Federico Castelluccio : “LILY OF THE FEAST” (2015)

  16. Award-Winner “Best Instrumental Album 2015” Rock Garden with the solo album “Whisper of the Rain

  17. Award-Winner “Best Instrumental Video-clip 2015” MTV ROCK channel, with the video:  Whisper of the rain -Part I: Huntsville, August 6, 1945 (Official video) 130.000 Views in 2 weeks.

  18. The Album “Whisper of the rain” produced by: Tim Starnes, has risen to the 3rd position in the soundtracks of iTunes in Italy and to the 55th position in the soundtracks of iTunes in USA.

  19. Award-Winner “Best Pop Song” for The prestigious “Academy of Contemporary Music Award” in New York, for Best Pop-Song – ‘I Don’t Mind’ (2017).

  20. Award-Winner “Best Instrumental Song” for The prestigious “Academy of Contemporary Music Award” in New York, for Best Pop-Song – ‘Elnath’ (2018).

  21. Award-Winner “Best Instrumental Album 2018”  “Internation Music Contest” (I.M.C.) at the Carnegie Hall in New York, for Album – ‘Someone Else’ (2018).