Kids Music Course

What You Need to Know as a Parent

Playing guitar is great fun, and while it’s easy to learn it takes a lifetime to master. If your children have an interest in music, then learning to play the guitar is a skill that will benefit them throughout their entire life.

What Age to Start Children’s Guitar Lessons?

As a parent of young children, your first question is probably when is your child ready to start learning guitar. It really depends on each individual child. Some are ready to begin at age five or six while others might not be ready until they are ten or even older.

To help you decide if your child is ready for guitar lessons, here are few things to consider:

Playing Guitar Requires Dexterity

The biggest physical hurdle young kids face when learning guitar is their lack of fine motor skills and hand strength. Switching chords on guitar need nimble fingers, and many kids don’t develop the required level of dexterity until they are eight or nine.

At 7 – 8 years old, they must be directed differently to older students. There are the obvious physical limitations of small hands and bodies. Although this can be catered for as there are many ½ and ¾ size guitars available.

for example Ukeleles are a great way to teach basic music and coordination.

Learning Guitar Takes Patience and Practice

Learning anything takes practice and there is always homework in the form of chords, scales, and songs to memorize and practice. If not worked on routinely, kids will fall behind and frustrate both their guitar teacher and themselves.

However, teaching younger children to play the guitar takes a slightly different approach to older children. Younger kids are less likely to understand that they have to practice technical elements of guitar playing for their own sake.

For a child, if it isn’t fun NOW they’re not doing it and that’s why I place a heavy emphasis on fun (and not just for children.)

Building a Music Class

I consider fundamental for the artistic, cultural education of children to be able to play together or simply share the time of learning with other children. My idea of the class is based on the positive impact of music.
Children must understand that music is a language, it is communication and they must be able to share every notion with the rest of the class. Fun is the consequence of discovery, and music is the first step for an open and strong mind.

Solid Foundation
Learning a strong foundation for playing music and help them express their creativity.

Make New Friends
Gaining social confidence and make new friends through the music community.

Improving Your Child’s Focus
Learning how to practice the guitar and undestand the music properly which will improve their focus and emotional control.

Improve Confidence
Have your child gain more confidence through tailored programs for kids with performing opportunities.