Someone Else 2018

Pre-listen to My new album “Someone Else” the strings are at the center of the stage, melancholy, anguish and remorse. Thanks to the collaboration with the “Academy Strings Orchestra”, Baroque and classical elements appear in the album, in the form of airs, symphonic themes and orchestral experiments. The minimal pieces are complemented by fundamental electronic treatments, minor field recordings and environmental plots. The environments are resplendent with space and consistency, structurally stitched up in critical thematic places, guided by a coherent motif, carried forward by the abandoned plane or the anguished cello in his heart.
Using various sound design techniques, cskonopka creates environmentall textures as a counterpoint to the lush section of orchestral strings. The momentary strips of atmospheric change are intended to provide a sense of ethereal space not defined by time.


MUSIC BY: Alessio Miraglia & The Academy Strings Orchestra
Art Cover By: EDERA (Alessia Muntoni)

AM (Alessio Miraglia) is a Multi-Awards composer,with 5 albums published worldwide, from Boston, MA. His music has a great deal of diversity which allows his to work on many different projects from Film and Multimedia productions to Post-Rock and Ambient Music projects.
Influenced by many forms including Classic, ambient, world music, minimalism, soundtracks and electronic, AM has also found inspiration through life experiences as well as various art forms. Composers and performers that have inspired and influenced AM’s music are as diverse as his music itself – they include Brian Eno, Steve Reich, David Gilmour, Phillip Glass, Keith Jarrett, Sufjan Stevens, Vivaldi, Sigur Ros. AM has worked for many films such as: Beauty and the Beast (2017), Batman v. Superman “Dawn of Justice” (2016), The Brooklyn Banker (2016), Toy Story 4(2019).
He won The MTVrock channel Awards for the best instrumental video clip 2015!
The prestigious “Academy of Contemporary Music Award” for Best Pop-Song – ‘I Don’t Mind’ from his album (Motel Noir) 2017.